ENSIE’s WISEs Database

In 2017, ENSIE started the mapping of European WISEs and created its online WISEs database. The aim of this tool is practical as it is useful to have all WISEs reunited on one online platform. Everyone can come here and look up at the WISEs operating in its area. The WISEs can also check out each other to foster cooperation or exchange of good practices. This database also allows to increase the visibility on WISEs’ work and activities and foster a more responsible consumption and production.

This database provides you with the name, address and the website of WISEs which can be sorted by countries, cities and/or sectors of activity. Please use the strip at the top of the page for the selection of your preference/search.

If you are a WISE and want to appear on this online WISEs database, do not hesitate and contact us at: info@ensie.org